Why Cultured Marble Is So Popular

Cultured marble has become very popular lately and there are many reasons why this is happening. Cultured marble products are coated in mold, featuring a clear or colored gelcoat. The role of the gelcoat is to make the surface shiny and add luster to the final product.


Cultured marble has many advantages that make it so appreciated by a lot of people:

  • leak proof
  • versatile
  • manufacturing techniques have improved and allow people to keep their marble products in their original luster for a long time
  • easy and fast to clean
  • there are many colours and models
  • takes little maintenance
  • no seams associated with traditional marble fixtures
  • resistance to stains

  • Source

  • waterproof, so it won’t discolour due to exposure to water
  • durable
  • lower costs
  • beauty and luxurious appearance
  • mildew resistant

Nonetheless, not all cultured marble is manufactured to the same standards, so you have to work with a company that has a solid and positive reputation and years of experience. Thus, you’ll buy quality products that will last many years and your house will look amazing. There are also companies that will help you choose the best product for your lifestyle.


Additionally, the International Cast Polymer Association regulates the cultured marble industry and offers a certification that guarantees product quality and durability. Even if you’ll pay a little more, you can be sure that your cultured marble products will last a long time and won’t need to be fixed. Nevertheless, even when cultured marble is more expensive, its price is still affordable.