The Advantages of Using Cultured Marble Products

Cultured marble is a version of the traditional marble and it consists in the blending of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers and pigments. This mixture is placed in custom opened patterns, which are covered with special formulated clear gelcoat. This is the process which creates the cultured marble, meaning a tough, durable, non-porous and shiny surface, very stain resistant and easy to maintain.

Cultured marble products have many advantages, but the main one is the price. They are much less expensive than the traditional marble products, and even if their price is smaller, they are often more resistant and they have a higher quality, which will please even the most exigent buyer. Also, cultured marble products are generally coated in the mold with a clear or colored gelcoat. This outer layer provides the ultimate strength to the bonded matrix. It also makes the final product water proof, durable and resistant to chipping. Depending on the finishing process used, the gelcoat also provides the shiny surface that adds luster to the final product.

Another advantage of the cultured marble products is that they are very versatile and they cab be used in so many fields, from residential construction, to multi-family housing and commercial dwellings. Over the past ten years, raw materials and manufacturing techniques have improved dramatically, which will allow you to enjoy your cultured marble products and their original shine for many years to come. However, this does not mean that you must not take care of it. Obviously, you have to clean it regularly with special products, to make it look even better.

There are so many products that can be manufactured out of cultures marble. You can purchase bathtubs, shower bases, vanity tops, wall panels, planters, desk accessories and many many more. This material can be used to custom everything that you like, and having cultured marble products will definitely make your house more beautiful, refined and elegant.