Important Details About Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is more and more popular all over the world. It’s a mixture of resin, marble dust, and catalyst and pigments to add it the desired colour. The term “cultured marble” is used to describe cast polymer, man made marble, tiffany marble and plastic cement as well. This type of marble is great for producing:

  • bathtubs
  • one-piece vanity tops
  • large-one piece shower surrounds
  • shower pans
  • one-piece bathroom flooring and many others


Cultured marble makes up materials such as:

  • crushed limestone
  • polyester resin
  • gel coat
  • powder or liquid pigments & catalyst

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    There are also many colours available, even more than you can imagine. Nonetheless, if you want something different, you can have custom colours. You can find dry power pigments, liquid pigments and many granite colours to satisfy your needs. The molds are very versatile, so cultured marble can have any shape. Any product made from this material will have an attractive appearance, being resistant to stains from acid to vinegar, so be sure that it will be durable.


    Additionally, it’s easy to clean even with cleaning products that contain acids like vinegar or citrus. All products are leakproof, while traditional marble tubs may have craks and leaks.

    There are also many products made from this material, but not all of them have the same quality. Nonetheless, the cultured marble industry is developing and starts to guarantee product quality.