Design Tips Using Cultured Marble Options

Many people wish to have marble in their homes because it is a status symbol. Although real marble is very fragile and can be damaged in many ways, even for its high price tag, alternatives are available which can turn any space into a luxury space. This alternative option is known as cultured marble and can be produced in several ways. One of the most expensive cultured marble options will include flaked gold in the structure. This is often one of the highest luxury options available for those who have the money to spend. The best thing to do is determine where the cultured marble will be going and design your project around that fact.

Several people enjoy marble in their bathrooms for their sinks, and even the whole floor and parts of the decorative trim of the walls. Others will prefer their kitchen countertops to be made of the cultured marble. The best thing to do is to ensure that your budget can accommodate everything you will need. Since the cultured marble can be made into any shape through molding and sculpture, you can make almost anything out of cultured marble. Getting your plan ready and asking professional installers or manufacturers of the manufactured marble for their estimates is a good idea, especially when you have very large design projects. You can live in the lap of simulated luxury for a much lower cost than authentic marble which could be very expensive and even hard to match for large projects.