Cultured Marble – Yes or No?

Cultured marble is one of the materials that you can use in your home, in order to create countertops, walls and various elements. It is one of the materials that is most likely to be used in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but it can also appear in other areas of the house and in the yard at the same time. The question that is posed is: should you say yes or no to cultured marble? Should you opt for it or for another type of material?



  • Cultured marble is flexible! With real marble and with many other materials of the kind, you may find that they cannot be set into the shape required for them to look perfect in your home. With cultured marble, this is not a problem!
  • Cultured marble is cheap! Homeowners cannot generally afford real marble for their homes, so cultured marble is the next best thing, as it has the same properties and the same functions as real marble, but it is a lot cheaper!


  • Cultured marble looks cheap! Well it is cheap and it is not real marble, so what did you expect? There are numerous models for this material and many of them do not have the most amazing design!
  • Cultured marble is weak! The reason for this stands in the fact that it is covered in a gel coat, which, over time, has the tendency to crack and to lose its ability to support everything you will be placing on it! 


At the end of the day, it is important to understand that each type of material has its own pros and cons! What you opt for is only up to you. However, when choosing the material for the countertops in your kitchen, for your sinks or for bathroom shower walls, you have to consider several facts in order to make the best decision:

  • what you can afford;
  • what looks best and is suitable for the rest of your bath and/or kitchen;
  • can you clean it and with what;
  • how resistant is the material;
  • how useful is the material in the particular usage.

With the answer to these points in mind and with the pros and cons listed above, you are bound to make the right decision with the material… whether it will be cultured marble or something else!