Cultured Marble Shower

Anyone who is serious about installing a cultured marble shower in their bathroom will need to sit back and pay close attention to the tips and tricks listed here. In case you are wondering exactly what cultured marble is, here’s a clear cut definition. Produced from crushed marble dust, cultured marble is a product of fiber glass and is blended with resin. The color swirl pattern you adore is made using fiber glass dye. Stated a little differently, old marble is basically recycled, crushed and then manufactured. You’ll be happy to learn that cultured marble is cheaper than genuine marble.

The simple fact of the matter is that when you put in a cultured marble shower, you’ll only spend half of what you pay using genuine marble. As you plan on purchasing cultured marble, you’ll quickly discover that it is durable, strong, leak free, and extremely easy to keep clean. You also have the option of buying custom designed cultured marble that is surprisingly affordable. Cultured marble is also a great choice because real marble can be a headache. Because marble happens to be naturally porous, it stains very easily.

Hair coloring products, shampoos and conditions that are chemically reactive, and colored liquid can wreak havoc on a natural marble show. On the other hand, high quality, top notch cultured marble is able to withstand all sorts of stains that would damage natural marble. Because your cultured marble is a molded product, a manufacture is able to design limitless designs that can be tinted to any color you choose. A cultured marble shower is easy to install and when it has lost its shine, it can be easily restored.