Cultured Marble Repair

We have a desire to make our work surfaces look extra special. Whereas we are more than happy to allow our desks and our cupboards be made of simple plywood, the thought of our surfaces being made using the same materials makes us feel a bit uneasy. Perhaps it is an aesthetic reason; if everything was made of the same material the house would look rather drab and boring and would slowly drive you insane. Or perhaps it is for sanitary reasons; it is much easier to clean a marble surface than it is to clean a wood surface – it is also less prone to staining. The net result of this is that many of our surfaces are made of cultured marble.

The only issue is that this sort of material can be rather prone to becoming chipped or cracked; particularly at the edges where there is less protection. All it needs is a rolling pin or the like to fall and your surface is broken. Naturally, you will want to get this seen to fairly quickly, so it is fortunate that there are many places where you can find people that will repair cultured marble. It is a very quick process (as long as the marble isn’t chipped so much that it needs replacing) and is very cheap; both in man hours and in cost. Your marble will be back to normal in no time at all without you being out of pocket; it’s the best of both worlds!