Cultured Marble Cleaning Tips

Although the cultured marble industry is quite young, people have begun to be aware of the advantages that this kind of surface has. The preciousness of cultured marble products have driven many people to purchase them, because they have an unique look, they are cheaper than the traditional marble ones and they are even more resistant. When it comes to cleaning your cultured marble surfaces, there are some things that you need to know.

First, cultured marble is used both indoors and outdoors, because it is water-proof. No matter the space though, cultured marble surfaces must be properly taken care of. They must be cleaned regularly, but their cleaning process is the same. When it comes to cultured marble, cleaning should be done with special cleaning products, which must be intended especially for this kind of surfaces. You must spray them on your cultured marble products, wait a few minutes, and then gently wipe them down with a smooth, soft damp cloth. Another tip that you have to keep in mind is that the cultured marble must always be wet when you are cleaning it. Then, you should also know that from time to time, it would be indicated to polish your cultured marble, because in this way it will remain shiny for a very long time. Also, after every shower that you take, you could squeegee of the water drops, to avoid spots.

Other than that, cultured marble cleaning should never be done with abrasive cleansers or substances. Scrubbing or steel wool sponges are also forbidden, because cultured marble surfaces can get scratched very easily. And once they are scratched, they can only be fixed by professionals. A useful cleaning tip, if there are hard water deposits on your cultured marble products, would be to remove them with vinegar. Apply the vinegar for 45 minutes, and the accumulations will be dissolved in no time. If you keep these cultured marble cleaning tips in mind, this activity will not cause you any kind of problems and you will be able to do it very fast, with no effort.