Cleaning cultured marble

Cleaning can be a problem at the best of times and when it comes to cleaning difficult surfaces like cultured marble then often you need exactly the right tolls and cleaning products. Cultured marble can be found in most homes these days in the bathrooms, on kitchen counter tops and tiles on the floor. When it comes to looking after your cultured marble surfaces you might find that keeping them looking good will help their life expectancy for many decades to come.

Instructions for looking after your cultured marble surfaces.

1. Make sure that you clean as you go when it comes to any kinds of rubbish and accidental spills. Stains on cultured marble surfaces are very difficult to get out once they have set in.

2. White vinegar is something that can help to clean many stains off the marble surface however make sure that you remove the vinegar completely after you are finished using a dry cloth.

3. Use cloth, rather than an abrasive cleaning sponge. The rough surface of the abrasive cleaning sponge can cut into the surface of the cultured marble and this is when stains begin to appear.

4. All purpose cleaners are also a good option for the marble surface. There are very few products that are specifically for marble surfaces however once you find them you may find that they are very expensive.

5. The cultured marble is a man made product and is designed for more durability than the average natural marble surface. Cleaning cultured marble should not pose too much of a challenge.