A Cheaper Alternative to Traditional Marble

When we consider a house to buy or build most of us would like to have marble countertops in house because they can be considered a form of a status symbol to some. Traditional marble is very expensive to purchase and have installed in your home. It can also be damaged very easily. There is an alternative option that is available to individuals that are considering having marble installed in their home. It is known as cultured marble. It is a much cheaper alternative that is available to you than a traditional form of marble.

Cultured marble is a mixture of fiber glass resin and crushed limestone. It can be molded or sculpted in to any shape; therefore, there are no seams that are visible on the cultured marble. It is very easy to keep maintained, and it is resistant to stains unlike the traditional marble. It is also waterproof and it tends to resist chipping unlike its more expensive counterpart that is available. It is so well made by the manufacturers that it is difficult to tell the difference between it and traditional marble. It tends to be stronger the regular marble.

There are many uses for cultured marble that are available. It is most often used as countertops for a bathroom or a kitchen, but it may also be used in sinks and bathtubs.

If you are one of the many people that enjoy the look of marble and the importance that it holds then you might consider using cultured marble instead of the much more expensive traditional marble that is available. If you choose to have cultured marble installed then it may result in saving you a tremendous amount of money. Not only will you have the wonderful look of marble, it will also save you money.